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... pay it forward.

 So, I don't really post much (no shit, right?) but there's this amazing woman who decided to help Japan by starting an LJ community called wildcatsgivebac. Its an HSM fandom relief project where people can auction of anything really and all the money is directed towards helping aid Japan. 

So, go check it out and tell your friends. It's for a great cause and every bit helps. If you're a writer, graphics designer, etc. and is a fan (or not, that's cool) of HSM, think about contributing your talents. 

CHECK IT OUT: community.livejournal.com/wildcatsgivebac/

P.S. I'm auctioning of my writing skills. So, if you've ever read any of my fanfics - and have liked it, maybe you should click on that link *wink wink* =)


fic: Barely Breathing

AN: A little snippet of "Barely Breathing", a one-shot that I have been working on for like months now. It's nowhere near being done but I just wanted to post something and share. And by little, I mean this snippet is really short.

Summary: Sometimes, you meet someone and before you could even know their name, before you could even get to know the real them, you know, deep in your heart, that sometime in the near future, that person will mean something to you. A story about how sometimes, love happens, even when you wish otherwise.

I'm damaged at best, like you've already figured out...Collapse )

fic: Running to a Stand Still

 Title: Running to a Stand Still

AN: Just a little snippet for the second to last chapter of RSS that can be found in my fanfiction page.

fic: Something about the Efron's

 Title: Something About the Efron’s

Summary: In a land where quickie marriages and two-week relationships are the norm, for the adorably charming Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, its all about longevity of it, and maybe even the happily-forever after.

AN: This sort of just wrote itself while I was trying to get over my writer’s block and write something for Running to a Stand Still. I got over my writer’s block alright. I just didn’t write anything for RSS and Missing Pieces. And as weird as this is, Zikki and ZV OP inspired this one-shot.

Like my other Zanessa one-shots, this one is in a fictional magazine format. It seems I can’t write any Zan stories unless it is written like this. 

Continuation of The Real Deal and Scenes from a Marriage.


Disclaimer: I own nothing.

One needs to only spend a minute with them to realize that ‘Zanessa’ is never a publicly stunt. Never is. Never was.Collapse )

fic: Scenes from a Marriage

Title: Scenes from a Marriage

Summary:They’re young, beautiful and crazy in love. Not to mention two of the most bankable stars in Hollywood, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have the life fairytales are made of. Hollywood's It Couple talk about marriage, children and 2 am wake up calls.

AN: Huh, its been awhile since I've post any stories of mine here in ZF so here's a new one. Its a continuation to my previous one-shot, The Real Deal . Its not technically a story..well, it is it but the way its written isn't a norm, really. Its in a magazine-article format. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

A mere look from Vanessa can reduce Zac into a sappy, blabbering love fool.Collapse )

fic: The Real Deal

Title: The Real Deal

Summary: After dodging questions about their relationship for years now, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron finally speak out about love, life and their growing family - of dogs that is.

AN: I was really bored in my Lit class way back in 2007, muse came calling and I found myself writing. I wouldn't really call this story... its sort of a fictional mag-article story. So, enjoy. FYI, this is a FICTIONAL magazine article I wrote. Its fabricated and totally made-up. Well, you'll figure that out once you read it. Like I've said, its not really a story but its my own interpretation and take on Zan's future in magazine-format.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

We're apart more often than we're together but you know, we make the most out of it.Collapse ) 

fic: Shades of Success

Title: Shades of Success

Summary: With a new album coming out and several future movie projects, the once Disney princess has joined ranks with many Hollywood royalties and whose star is shining brightly than ever - not that Vanessa Hudgens hasn't shined brightly before.
AN: Seeing as I can't post this on FF.net and VABN's MIM is not working, I decided to start posting here on LJ so the readers who have PM'ed me and asked for my ZV one-shots can read it. 

I wrote this about a year or so ago (after the scandal and before the news of all cast signing onto HSM3), I wanted to work on my writing skills and write a story using a different style and I ended up with this. This isn't necessarily a Zan story, more of a Vanessa story with Zan hints thrown in]. FYI, this is a FICTIONAL magazine article I wrote. Its fabricated and totally made-up. Well, you'll figure that out once you read it. Like I've said, its not really a story but its my own interpretation and take on Vanessa Hudgen's future in a mag-article form.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.


   To start this off, I just wanna say that the sole reason that I joined LJ was to either access some restricted entries or accounts that a non-LJ member can't have access to. 
    Having said that, not much of a blogger or writer so I won't be posting anything about myself or my life.... unless something really major happens that I feel like sharing. Anyways, that's it for now.... maybe I'll catch the blogger bug and post something, who knows? lol.